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    Thanks in advance. I’m starting my blogging journey of expressing my viewpoints or others’, whether the opinions are positive or negative. I need help with adding images to my writing. Do you have any tips?More

Having started this blog for the first time, I had many topics in mind and deliberated which topics to bring up. I wonder if I should explain how lonely I feel in a world where no one has ever recognized my intelligence, beauty, or opinion is worth anything. Is it more important to tell you how much I have learned in college that I am currently studying, or my daily life while surrounded by no sound?

I want to share a lot of things with you, so well let me start with my identifier – a deaf black woman who loves to explore and appreciates the dissonant opinions of Hollywood presence problems with deaf people of many colors. A thing I wish Hollywood industries would do differently and better is to recruit deaf people of color to be the main character in these films and not just a short clip like 45 seconds out of a full 90 minute film. Are we demanding too much or is that a lot to ask? I deal with a lot of thoughts as I worry what other people will think of me if I say such a thing. Should I let society be what it is?

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